Free Training From Google

Tech giants Google have set up shop in Sunderland’s The Bridges shopping centre to offer free advice and one-to-one training on a range of digital marketing, business, as well as a range of computer-related workshops.

This training hub will offer advice on a range of topics such as getting started with digital marketing, how to build your personal brand, how to create a CV and cover letter, and even an introductory web design workshop. There are also some longer multi-week courses on offer relating to starting your own business or learning how to code!

Research shows that the digital skills gap is a reality for many businesses and communities across the country and with this comes limitations of personal and professional growth and opportunity.Ronan Harris, Managing Director of Google UK and Ireland

This training hub is designed to cater for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and digital skills, but will be particularly useful for SMEs, sole-traders and young entrepreneurs in Sunderland, Newcastle and throughout the North East, providing a gateway to improve their skills and make the most of online.

All courses and sessions on offer are completely free. You can register your interest and book a place online by visiting the Grow with Google website.

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