Mailchimp – The Audience Is Changing

Mailchimp – The Audience Is Changing

The team at Mailchimp have added many great features over the past couple of years, slowly moving beyond solely email marketing. They have now officially announced the company’s transition into a multi-channel marketing platform and CRM.

We’ve been fans of Mailchimp for years – they provide an excellent and easy to use marketing platform for sending messages to your customers and growing your audience via email, and their free tier has very generous usage limits to try their service risk-free.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have time to manage three, four, or five different platforms that each serve one specific purpose, and they don’t want their data all over the place: They need a tool powered by data and expertise that will help them know where to invest their marketing dollars.Mailchimp CEO, Ben Chestnut

Mailchimp already lets you create landing pages, post to social, and integrate with many third party tools and platforms – except for Shopify – so this news doesn’t come as a complete surprise, but it will usher in a major shift in how customers use their new all-in-one marketing platform.

Mostly, we think these developments are exciting. Mailchimp have always had great web design and UX within their product, if they can carry this across into a more powerful platform it will be welcomed by their customers.

Mailchimp’s pricing policy and free tier usage limits are based around their definition of your audience, which previously translated to the number of people signed up to your mailing list. This term is now expanding to cover the number of contacts you can market to regardless of their email signup status. Traditionally an email signup is seen as more valuable in marketing terms than a social media follower, so it could be argued that you’re getting less value for money from their platform with this new policy in place.

You can read more about Mailchimp’s new policies on their website.

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