Symbols In Logo Design

Symbols In Logo Design

New businesses need an identity of their own to set them apart from their competitors, establish their brand’s values in the eyes and minds of their audience, and to garner long lasting connections. One proven way of fast-tracking a visual connection is by using a recognisable symbol as part of your logo.

Something simple, which can make the customer think – and then immediately see and feel – a connection with your brand can do wonders in building awareness and loyalty from the outset. Here we look at some of our recent logo design projects to show how and why we created distinctive visual symbols within our logomarks.

Artifact Media

Artifact Media are a video production company based in Newcastle. In order to represent both the  distinctive cutting edge style of their video output and their corporate target market we created a logomark that combined an A and an M whilst invoking the familiar play button so synonymous with video.


Natural Sounding Voices Logo Design NewcastleFor this voiceover agency specialising in the more natural sounding voice talent, we created a leaf symbol comprising of the two sides of a quote. This distinctive and memorable hook can be used throughout their branded collateral and online presence.


BMI Logo Design NewcastleWith this logo design Newcastle based construction specialists BMI have a more subtle symbol – the corner of an interior wall hidden between the M and I donates the specialism of the firm.


Toon Lunch Club Logo Design Newcastle

What better way to promote a Newcastle food blog than by turning the city’s most famous landmark – the Tyne Bridge – into a fully-loaded fork?

Rocket sessionsRocket Sessions Logo Design Newcastle

This logo design – for an online music TV show – turns a rocket into a microphone, with a flashing red ‘RECORDING’ button as the viewing window.

Diverge Digital are experts in branding and web design based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. If you’re looking to develop a new brand, or breathe life into an existing one, please get in touch with us.

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