Unlimited Graphic Design For North East Businesses

Unlimited Graphic Design For North East Businesses

Newcastle based branding and web design agency Diverge Digital have unveiled a new “All You Can Eat” graphic design package aimed at supporting growing businesses in the region.

For a fixed monthly price customers can take advantage of the design team at Diverge for anything from social media graphics and printed flyer designs, to product brochures and branded clothing.

“We identified a need from a certain size of client for an ‘on-tap’ graphic design service. The traditional retainer model doesn’t really work for everyone, so this unlimited package idea seemed like something that could really help businesses out, whilst creating new avenues for growth for ourselves.”
Jonjo McNeill, Creative Director

The service works in much the same way as a traditional designer-client relationship, with the client raising a request by email and the designer completing the work within 48 hours. Users of the service can expect to receive high quality professional design with a fast turnaround.

“We’re confident the service will be well received. In fact, the first job is free if you’re not completely satisfied with our work – so there’s really no reason not to try it out to see if it’s just what your business needs”.
Gareth Elwell, Technical Director

The Unlimited Graphic Design package is on sale for a trial period, so head on over to www.divergedigital.uk/unlimited-graphic-design to find out more and sign up today.

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