The 20 Absolute Worst Rebrands: 2018

The 20 Absolute Worst Rebrands: 2018

How can you breathe fresh life into a tired brand? At some point, it’s likely that you will – like most business owners – reach a point where you feel it’s time to freshen up your brand’s visual identity design. But beware – it’s easy to totally miss the mark.

Perhaps your logo was designed before you started to experience success, and doesn’t accurately reflect the current position of your brand. Maybe you have realigned your goals or values, and need to change the visual reflection of this. Or you may just hate the blob of colour you threw together ten years ago and never got round to sorting out. What’s important is that you treat a rebrand as seriously as it is – consider your options carefully, and don’t go rushing into anything you’ll regret.

Even the biggest businesses change things up from time to time, and they don’t always get it right. In 2010, US fashion giant Gap changed their entire visual identity overnight and without warning. Christmas shoppers were greeted with what one customer described as “a first grader’s art and craft project”. Netflix’s plan to rebrand as Qwikster was abandoned within days of it’s announcement. And the new BT logo looks like an exercise in reversing accumulated brand value.

So here then, are twenty of the absolute worst rebranding mistakes from recent times. Some of them miss the mark. Some of them have misjudged their audience. Some are garish mistakes. And one of them looks like it has a dog turd in it.

1. Leeds United

2. Airbnb

3. Black & Decker

4. Juventus

5. Yahoo!

6. MySpace

7. Pizza Hut

8. Hershey’s

9. Mastercard

10. Animal Planet

11. eBay

12. BT

13. The Sci Fi Channel

14. Kraft

15. Capital One

16. Cardiff City FC

17. BP

18. Tropicana

19. Pepsi

20. GAP

21. Reebok

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