Andy Hudson Photography

Andy Hudson Photography

Andy Hudson Photography is one of the leading wedding photographers in the North East of England. As his business and style have evolved, Andy felt his original branding had fallen out of sync with how his clients perceived both him and his documentary style approach to wedding photography. He engaged us to produce an all new brand identity and website design that reflected the personal style of his service.

A vibrant brand

Our client wanted to stand out in the competitive wedding photography scene with strong, bright colours and a logotype that reflected his own personality and style. Using a bold serif typeface that evokes both contemporary and retro stylings, we put Andy’s name centre stage. We created a vibrant colour palette and a typography system that combined the traditional wedding stylings with a crisp, modern feeling appropriate to the impeccable photography.

Improved customer journey

To relaunch his new website, we helped our client to create a user journey through his work that helped husbands-and-brides-to-be quickly get a feeling for he essence of his photographic style, through an approachable and conversational tone of voice which balances perfectly against the bold way we presented his work.

Optimised for Google

It’s vital when presenting photography to potential customers that the work is shown in as high a quality version as possible, without clogging up a users internet connection with huge file sizes. We migrated 30,000 photos from the previous website and generated multiple sizes of each image for mobile, tablet, desktop and large screens. The site then intelligently swaps out images depending on the screen size, whilst lazy loading them as they are scrolled into view. The result is a Google Pagespeed Score of 99/100.