Bondchem is a successful chemical company who produce and distribute industrial adhesives all over the world. Having designed their brand identity ten years previously, our creative director relished the challenge of modernising their web presence.

Simplified website UX

From a more guided journey through clear calls to action and buttons, through to the simplified product tables which prioritise the essential relevant data dependent on type and screen size.

Private client area

We created a client area for access to private content. Bondchem can track and determine who has access to which product datasheets, giving them much-needed control over sensitive information.

Interactive mapping

Their worldwide distribution network is one of Bondchem’s greatest visible strengths, and we wanted to showcase this. We created an interactive distribution map of the world, with territory-specific distributor contact forms.

Updated branding

Using professional photography, an all-new corporate typography style and a refreshed colour palette, we created a stylish and highly functional website showcasing a company which has gone from strength to strength for over a decade. The new website far more accurately reflects the size and stature of the brand and will continue to do so as they grow further.