Thomas McRocklin was a child rock superstar in the early 1990s, touring the world with his mentor Steve Vai and his band Bad4Good. Fast forward 20 years and Thomas decided he wanted to make a comeback. We helped him make the comeback a success.

Reviving an icon

We created a brand new custom wordmark, which connects Thomas’ roots with the electronic evolution of his music. The modern sound of the tracks was offset by that classic McRocklin guitar sound, so we customised a modern sans serif with 80s-style extenders. The result is a crisp, modern, quirky identity that quickly sets out McRocklin’s stall with fans old and new.

Building an audience

We developed a social media and search marketing strategy to allow McRocklin to reconnect with his fanbase. Within a month of launch, McRocklin had racked up over 20,000 plays of the new material. An ever-expanding fanbase has him in a great position to launch his album – with major record labels and world renowned brands scrambling to work with this revitalised rock act.