Modular Law

Modular Law

Modular Law is a boutique law firm focused exclusively on the digital and tech sector in the North of England. Founder & Director Steven Strassheim, a former software engineer-turned-lawyer, approached us with a view to branding his new startup. Following a greatly successful identity design project, we were immediately engaged to build the firm’s website.

A digital law firm

The brand had to appeal to a modern tech-savvy client base, freeing the firm from the rigidity of a more traditional law firm identity. In terms of typography, cutting edge was an absolute must-have, but the founder's background in software engineering and his general interests in the geekier side of things led us to incorporate an underlying retro feel.

Vibrant web presence

Following the success of the branding work, we started translating what we’d created into the effective, engaging website that Modular Law needed to connect with their target audience. Their identity is stamped all over the site, with the logomark shape in particular being used to create a real sense of brand awareness.

Tailored copywriting

In order to produce copy for the website, we gathered content from the client in the form of business plans, draft proposals, and internal emails. We requested anything that they felt contained an insight into who they were and how they want to be perceived. The initial content outline was then drafted by us to help establish the correct tone of voice and user journey, before going back to the client for legal fact checking and expansion. The result is an incredibly approachable tone, guiding users through the services Modular Law offer, and the reasons why they are the right law firm for them.

Refined customer experience

We wanted users to be able to see at-a-glance what Modular Law could do for them, so created a series of custom icons which help to illustrate – in simple terms – what could otherwise be a highly complex, text heavy subject.

Search engine optimised

Clear titles, properly planned and written content, clear calls to action, an SSL certificate and superfast hosting performance combine to make this stunning, easy-to-use website highly appealing to search engines from the outset.