Natural Sounding Voices

Natural Sounding Voices

Natural Sounding Voices is a voiceover agency with a difference, offering the most natural sounding voice artists to businesses all over the world. They approached us to develop their brand’s identity and build a website which would showcase the very best authentic voiceover artists in the UK in a quick and intuitive way.

A distinctive brand

The brand identity is based around the ‘natural’ aspect of the name – with varying shades of green creating a calm, reliable feeling and the two inverted commas of a speech mark representing a leaf within the logomark. Coupled with a modern, friendly typeface the identity perfectly reflects the goals of the business.

Interactive navigation

Each artist profiled on the site has tags attributed to them – including accents, age range and gender – along with more specific features like style and tone. The artist roster needed to be searchable quickly and easily, so we created a smart search bar which instantly shows the available voice tags when the user starts typing, making it intuitive for new users to find the voiceover style they are looking for. The filter tags are immediately applied to the results below, giving an instant view of who is available.

User accounts

Any visitor to the site can create a shortlist of their favourite artists and share with a colleague or submit an enquiry as to the price and availability of the selected artists. By registering a free account, users can unlock further functionality such as saving and editing multiple lists.