Stoneham Amplification

Stoneham Amplification

Stoneham Amplification is a respected brand offering premium quality custom-built guitar amplifiers and a comprehensive and professional before-and-after-care service. We were brought in to look at ways in which Stoneham could prepare themselves for the transition from one-off bespoke orders to sustained national and international sales.

Website development

Stoneham’s web presence hadn’t changed since the inception of the brand, nor did it reflect the premium handmade nature of the products. We reimagined the entire website, showcasing products with beautiful closeup photography detailing each model’s most unique features.

Integrated e-commerce

We integrated full online shop functionality to give Stoneham the selling tools they need as they grow. As is standard for all of our clients, we fully optimised the website for search engines – ensuring as many potential customers as possible lay eyes on Stoneham’s product range.

Product customiser

Finally, we built a Bespoke Amp Customiser function allowing customers to tweak every aspect of their perfect custom guitar amp before receiving a quote for the finished product.